Kevin Seawright Ensures All Inner City Families Get A Chance At Happiness

Kevin Seawright has spent his life helping those who live in inner cities because that is how he was raised. He was brought up to help people who were looking for a way to get out of poverty, and he spent much of his career in public service to these very same people. This article explains how Kevin has done work for the community that is simply not done by other people in his industry. He is helping to develop better places to live, and he is helping those who need public services.

#1: Working For The City Of Baltimore

His Twitter handle shows that Kevin Seawright worked for the city of Baltimore for many years as he helped the schools and transportation department save money. His accounting systems trimmed the fat on budgets that were out of control, and he was sure to help improve services with the money that he saved.

He had many different plans to change the accounting in the city, and he was able to move on to Newark to help their development corporation.

#2: Helping Newark Grow

The city of Newark has quite a lot of work to do, and they are using a development corporation to build in many different areas of the city. According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright managed all accounting for the firm, and he was able to save money to ensure more buildings were built.

He wanted to have as many people working at once, and he knew it would be far simpler to save money for future investment. The city of Newark improved quite a lot in his tenure, and he had the opportunity to move back to Baltimore.

Helping inner city families in the city of Baltimore helps increase home ownership. Someone who has a home must take great care of it, and the ownership program that Kevin started helped the city begin many new small communities made up of the people most in need of better homes.

Kevin Seawright has dedicated his career to helping people who cannot help themselves, and he has shown he knows how to manage funds in a proper manner for each new project.

Jim Hunt Propels VTA Publications to Even Higher Heights

VTA Publications empowers its clients by availing meaningful content through books, DVDs, courses, seminars and workshops. Through them, many individuals achieve their goals and fulfill their learning needs. Among VTA Publications’ popular publications is the ‘Biblical Wealth Secrets,’ by Michael White, which offers moneymaking lessons that help in multiplying peoples’ investments. Jim Hunt started VTA Publications in 2012 and registered an office in Norfolk. As the CEO, he threw an open challenge through his website titled ‘’. He weaved the challenge to display the simplicity of his stock-trading system.

Jim’s Career Journey

He formerly worked in a bank. His experience as a banker motivated him in making his services a goldmine to his customers. His fruitful trading power in the stock market made him famous in the bear and bull markets. Jim owns a YouTube account where he shares more about investments on His passion for stock market trade saw him publish the book ‘Wealth Wave’. The book gave a method which could help his clients achieve wealth in a single trade.

Today, he is the CEO and financial advisor of a reputable company named, VTA Publications. VTA Publications serves thousands of customers, some of whom attend structured online courses that venture the fields of finance and economics. He also works as an agent responsible for booking seminars in these two industries.

His Ideas and Strategies for Productivity and Success

During his interview by IdeaMensch, he associated his achievements with discipline and his cult of setting strict goals. He advises other entrepreneurs to take much consideration to the needs of their clients. He firmly believes that, for one to make large sales, you need to find solutions to the problems of your consumers.

In a bid to solve these problems, Hunt undertakes extensive research to fish creative ideas on He finds pleasure in subscribing to expert financial research which helps him in filling the gaps in his business.

Jim Hunt advocates for direct mail as the perfect tool for advertising on Duedil. Infusionsoft and Aweber are his dear softwares for data management and web page creation. He believes in the dissemination of information, as a great business prospect, that needs zero investment as is done in Clickbank. In the midst of his productive schedule, he makes time to have dinner with his family every day.

Nationwide Title Clearing Shows Committment To Excellence By Offering Online Ordering System

In recent years, title defects have become a growing concern within the real estate industry. Many feel that title defects can cause wrongful foreclosures or can create sluggishness in the transition of assets. Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. (NTC) has responded to these concerns by updating their website to include an online ordering service for property records.



NTC believes that property records are the key to reducing risks and ensuring clear title conveyance. As a leader of document-processing within the mortgage and real estate industry, NTC has taken necessary steps to ensure that property report processes are made simple and easy for their clients by offering new online ordering systems.



Title defects most commonly occur when an entity or individual lays claim to a property that is actually owned by someone else. There are other factors that can render a title invalid however. These factors can include any previous liens of encumbrances on the property, the failure to follow proper filing procedures, the failure to include any necessary signatures, or simple wording issues within the document.



For these reasons, NTC truly believes that addressing any and all title defects before a property is transferred is necessary. To help the ever-changing industry, NTC has made many reports available through online ordering, including tax status reports, assignment verification reports, and current owner reports. NTC has made the process of securing reports fast and simple.



Their report services are based on in-depth research taken from land records, available for any residential property in the country. NTC retrieves their data from numerous sources and verifies the information not only by automation, but also through human verification. This service has allowed NTC to become a leader in the industry, servicing some of the largest lenders in the country.



NTC is headquartered in Palm Harbor, Florida. The company was founded in 1991, quickly become a leader in the residential mortgage industry, serving many clients including eight out of the top ten mortgage services in the nation. They are known for delivering high quality services to their clients, using their document experts to track and fulfill requirements in every jurisdiction in the country; all 3,600 of them.



Nationwide Title Clearing has been named on the Fast 50 Awards list for fastest growing companies in Tampa Bay and on the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies in the entire country. The company has even won awards for putting Americans back to work.

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Fabletics Captures Reverse Showroom Customers

Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics, a highly successful online retailer that supplies trendy clothing to their customers. They sell their clothing and accessories primarily online. The key to their success is that they are able to customize outfits for the VIP customer that fit their lifestyle or personality. Kate Hudson’s company is gearing up to take on the Internet’s number one retail contender, Amazon. Kate Hudson’s Activewear line is responsible for Fabletics success and popular enough to win the competition between the two online retail giants.


Fabletics Reverse Showroom Success

People go online all the time to research around and look for clothing or accessories. However, statistics prove that in the past, most shoppers did not necessarily buy the product at that website, but would search for cheaper alternatives in a retail store. The key to Fabletics success is that they encourage the customer to buy online or in their retail store. Either way, the company is going to get a sale out of the customer. In addition, most of the customers at their retail shops are already online subscribers. Therefore, the odds are that they are going to capture a sale either way.



Fabletics is an online retailer that sells clothing and accessories. Their subscription service is perfect for the woman that loves shopping trendy clothing. Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics and created a line of clothing and accessories that are designed for the woman with an active lifestyle. The clothing is made out of high quality material, but the cost is very reasonable. In fact, the clothing line is comparable with designer clothing lines that are much more expensive. Another key to Fabletics success is that the clothing is very comfortable to wear all through the day, while maintaining a fresh look.


Those that join Fabletics and apply for a VIP membership, receive a few extra perks. Therefore, it is a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to become a VIP member. Every VIP member receives the opportunity to purchase a customized outfit that fits their personality or lifestyle each month. All the outfits are delivered to the customer, postage free. VIP members are allowed to return any outfits that they do not like for free. In addition, VIP members save an average of 50 percent on the outfits that they purchase each month. Fabletics is steadily growing and expanding their trendy clothing line to include clothes for women of all sizes.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Millennials Using The Black Card From Magnises

Imagine a credit card, that isn’t actually a credit card, that links to your checking or credit account that comes with perks that are geared towards the millennial generation. Perks that go hand in hand with hot nightclubs, hip speakeasies, cool fashion events and rowdy live concerts. Magnises is that card, and Magnises is helping their members live life as an insider with big-ticket events and members-only endowments.

CEO and Founder of Magnises 24-year-old Billy McFarland is “building a complete platform that connects millennials with new businesses, online and offline.” (Madeline Stone “A 23-year-old created a club for elite millennials where everyone gets a black card and parties in a New York City penthouse”

McFarland founded Magnises in August 2013 and has made this card feel like a club for “interesting people from all different industries—whether it’s fashion or finance or media or technology—and connecting them through a credit card that’s more relevant to their daily lives.” (Krista Soriano “Carded: What It’s Like to Own a Magnises Card” DuJour, Accessed 3 Jan. 2017.

Magnises has an annual fee of $250 with benefits that far exceed the payment for the growing member base of close to 6000 people. Some advantages Magnises cardholders have are “guaranteed reservations at restaurants like La Esquina, special fitness classes at gyms like David Barton and access to Magnises’ New York townhouse.” (Carson Griffith “Musicians Embrace Magnises, a Black Card for the Younger Set” Billboard, 18 Mar. 2014, Accessed 3 Jan. 2017

Billy McFarland and Magnises are focused towards bringing the young working professionals together in a community setting with these perks. Magnises provides members with special events that only cardholders can attend. McFarland says that Magnises isn’t trying to be like American Express, but rather trying to live vicariously through those card members with perks that go hand in hand with their purchases. After all, why not get a back stage tour of the 5 star restaurant your dining at with a private taste test from the chef?


The New Real Estate App From David Osio

It is becoming more common all the time for real estate agencies around the world to integrate the latest technology into their various business practices. This allows them to communicate with their clients in a way that is far better than anything that was previously available in this industry. The Davos Real Estate Group has been upgrading the technology they use significantly during the past year. This has culminated with the release of the Davos CAP calculator. This particular mobile app has been called a breakthrough by many of the real estate experts who have used it. The primary function of this app is to indicate to people what sort of rate of return is possible for any real estate investments they might be seriously considering.


Investing in real estate can be quite a confusing process to become involved in. There are many questions that you need to get answered before you agree to put any of your money at risk. The app gives you all of the info that you require in order to make an intelligent decision regarding your investment in many different real estate opportunities. It is common for potential investors to inquire about the amount of money they will need to invest in order to see a healthy profit. The app breaks down all of the elements of the potential transaction in a way that is easy for every person to understand.


Devices that use the iOS and Android operating systems will be able to use this app. Davos is also currently developing other apps that can be used for a variety of other tasks related to the world of real estate. Information about the history of specific properties will be able to be accessed by people when they use one of the Davos apps that will be released in the future. They are also working on an app that will allow clients to start a chat session with the Davos agent who is assigned to them.


Davos Financial Group got its start in 1993. David Osio was the man who was responsible for starting this company. All of the smaller companies that are under the Davos Financial Group umbrella are based in Venezuela. Osio is the CEO of the organization at the present time. The primary purpose of the entire organization is to assist people with making solid decisions that will eventually lead them to make a significant amount of money with future investments. Geneva, Panama, New York and Miami are all cities that have Davos Financial Group offices located in them.


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How Don Ressler started and Succeeded with JustFab

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler assisted in the co-founding of JustFab. The two friends have always shown that they can spot new trends in business and the markets. They have developed leading brands in the fashion industry. What separates their business model from the rest is in how they do their work. They carry their business activities with a lot of fun and passion. The kind of love for their work is hard to find in the industry.

Don and Adam met through Intermix Media. Don Ressler was an entrepreneur trying to sell his company known as to Intermix Media. The sale enabled him to raise a massive amount of one billion dollars. He later raised another hundred million dollars from several ventures in internet companies. After the sale, Don and Adam decided to come together to start Intelligent Beauty on Pando. The company specialized in selling beauty and healthy items for women. They decided to get into the fashion industry by opening JustFab.

JustFab became more than a shopping destination for getting accessories, shoes, and bags. The company has a unique membership business model on The membership creates an exclusive engage between JustFab and its customers. JustFab gives ideas to women about how they should wear each item. It demonstrates different looks with different types of dressing. According to Don Ressler, JustFab is a brand that is meant to inspire women on how to have the perfect wardrobe. The company strives to connect and share their fashion to everyone around the world. See:

Don and Goldenberg are not the first people to think of starting a fashion business. The two have succeeded in their endeavors by offering the best customer experience. When JustFab started, Don Ressler admits that he did not have a clue about fashion. However, he understood the markets and how to grow a business. Don has frequently stated that he has never seen a market with such potential. He remained positive throughout the growth, and the result was a highly successful company. JustFab shares its vision of delivering products with the highest quality at the best prices.

JustFab has built its business based on a membership platform. It has made e-commerce fashion something desirable and easily accessible. Fabletics started in 2013 and had many competitors. It has risen above fashion giants and expanded its business to other areas. The company has developed its niche by including shoes and children’s fashion. Fabletics is another highly successful endeavor started by JustFab.

Magnises – A Perfect Social Network

Magnises let you have a distinctive and a perfect social network. It provides its members a beneficial platform through which they can have access to the perks of the high level of standards. It allows you to unlock your social potential and have greater access to special events at a discounted rate in your city. Magnises members are offered a unique set of experiences based on cultural and social experiences which include but not limited to art preview at top galleries, access to hottest clubs in towns, best sporting event tickets, complimentary upgrades on traveling, private members only concert and much more.

Based on experimental basis Magnises is found by Billy McFarland, a college dropout from New Jersey with exceptional entrepreneurship skills and a vision to achieve great success in life. He is an American technology based entrepreneur who is also the CEO and original founder of Spling along with Magnises. He was born in New York City and spends most of his childhood in Short Hills, New Jersey. He is a hardworking and an exceptionally gifted individual which is showcased when he learned to code at the age of 13, this is when his entrepreneurship abilities came to the spotlight, where he founded his own outsourcing company in which he provided a platform to match clients with designers. He is a college dropout from Bucknell University where he studied computer engineering. He is regarded and earned a notable reputation as a natural entrepreneur with extensive abilities of startups. He is also regarded as the mastermind and a technology wiz due to his achievements at such a young age. He also served and continues to do so as the founder and CEO of Spling. It is an online ad platform that allows its users to change the visual appearance of URL by turning them into organized graphics as Mosaics on online forum platforms from text links. Some of the notable clients of Spling include Universal and Discovery.

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An invite-only black card for millennials

Why a 23-Year-Old Founder Created a ‘Black Card’ for Millennials

Magnises recently issued a new black card which allows you to access great deals in some of the biggest cities on the East Coast, mostly in New York City, Washington DC. With the use of Magnises black card you can get reserve experiences at local restaurants, concerts, bars, clubs and most notably different types of luxurious deals on It can be linked with your credit card or bank card for payment purposes although the main purpose is the benefits that come along with it. Magnises also allows its members to enjoy a distinctive nightlife and feel like a VIP guaranteeing you access to one of the best NYC clubs. The card function in a very simple way that is it simply transfers the data from the old card onto its blank metal card using the magnetic strip. Just like copying stuff from a CD.

Magnises is backed by some esteemed professionals working to make Magnises a huge success. Its investors and counselors include Lance Weaver, the ex-chairman of MasterCard. Bill Gray former President and CEO who ran American Express, nightlife photographer Patrick McMullan.

Mike Baur, a Leader to Success

Thousands of people try to enter the business arena each day. While some are successful, many run into problems that are overwhelming. That is why is always a good idea to investigate all avenues and find a reliable company that will help lead to success.


The Swiss Startup Factory, located in Zurich, Switzerland, is a company that leads in the field of successfully helping new entrepreneurs to the market. They not only teach methods of presentation that are attractive but successful as well. Proper introduction of a new product is an essential part of its eventual success.


The company states its purpose as follows:






In 2014, Mike Baur, together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, founded the Swiss Startup Factory. This company is devoted to assisting people who have good ideas that can be developed into a saleable enterprise. Currently he is CEO of the business.


Mr. Bauer holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York and an Executive MBA from Berne University. In addition, he accumulated 20 years’ experience in Swiss Private Banking prior to developing the Swiss Startup Factory. During this employment he obtained the experience and know-how regarding how to promote companies and products, while being kind to the environment.


Prior to establishing the Swiss Startup Factory, he obtained further knowledge by making personal investments in startup companies. The purpose of the Swiss Start Up Company is to bring organizations, investors, entrepreneurs and Swiss Universities together to form a powerful system devoted to assisting in new startups.


The company works on a 3-month early stage accelerator startup program which consists of providing start-ups with access to the company’s network of entrepreneurial and investor services, mentoring, coaching and office space.


This helps the new entrepreneur avoid many of the obstacles that so many endure by entering the market place for the first time. It allows the newcomer to form a company that starts out with the knowledge required to be successful.

Steps to Success with Josh Verne

Seeing things that are invisible to others is what Josh Verne believes is called vision, as dictated in one of his favorite quotes, which is directly applicable to the way that he envisions his businesses. Josh Verne has been extremely successful in the past, as well as in the present and is probably going to enjoy quite a bit of success in his future, all of which is based on the way that he approaches both life and business. His focus is on developing in all aspects of life, being a balanced person that brings a lot to the table in business, although he is particularly interested in employee and management interaction.
A business is something that is sort of like a car, or a large machine, in the fact that there are a ton of different parts that need to be working well together. If some parts are not working well, the entire machine is going to be held back, which is something that Josh Verne focuses on. One of his main points in his podcast is the fact that there are too many people in management who are bosses, rather than leaders. Leaders respect their employees and put them ahead of themselves, while bosses direct people and want others to accomplish the things that they set out.
Through the successful businesses that Josh Verne has had, including FlockU and, he has learned that it is in truly leading employees that creates the best results. His Crunchbase profile shows that strives for a win-win situation in the workplace and is of the opinion that regardless of how bleak the situation may seem, there is always a way to create a positive, winning situation for both sides. Josh also thinks it is very important for those people in management to listen to their employees more, as there are a lot of people in management who simply want to dictate what is going to be done, while holding the final say always.
Employees are not only going to be happier, but are likely going to improve the business if they are able to be heard, so this is something he stresses. Another major thing that should be considered by anyone who owns a business is focusing on other aspects of life as well. Getting caught up in work first, all the time is a big flaw. The people that really succeed and are happiest in life find out what they love to do, work at it and balance their lives with everything else that is important, including health and family.