In 2014, Mike Baur came up with one of the biggest ideas in his life: he established the Swiss Startup factory, which is registering start-up entrepreneurs to help them grasp the basics of the industry. He had previous interactions in the banking industry, so his knowledge about business cannot be underestimated.

Mike is a passionate professional and he implements what he feels is okay and helpful. The Swiss Startup Factory is helping many dreams to come true through the different structured programs that are passed through the organization to assist upcoming entrepreneurs.

Digital business strategy
One of the ways the Swiss Startup Factory is supporting start-ups is ensuring they get all information necessary for digitization. The business strategies presented in the program are supposed to inspire growth, so the company explores and analyses the various areas of the business that are potentially profitable and advises on the best digital practices that may be applicable to maximize the effect. This model also challenges the idea to spot any weaknesses that need to be eliminated or things that should be streamlined.

Goal definition and staffing
It does not matter what the goal aims at. The Swiss Startup Factory comes up with a new digital product and an adaptable strategy that fits the needs of clients. With a set goal, the business is better placed in the highly competitive market, so the Swiss Startup Factory helps in the goal definition process and offers solutions to various challenges facing the business.

Delivering solutions
Clients are given solutions based on the concerns presented by buyers. One is equipped with information that is useful to coming up with a focused perspective and market research developed solely to enhance productivity. There is a broad team of entrepreneurs and reliable mentors, who offer know-how and tips that are relevant for building products and digital companies.

Once the idea is presented and all incubation complete, all requisite financing is sourced through external investors and fund raising events organized exclusively by the Swiss Startup Factory.

Mike Baur, Founder and CEO
Mike Baur is a Switzerland citizen and his dedication to seeing his country’s prosperity has been tied on first offering support to young professionals to allow them to establish their own businesses. This is what inspired him to launch the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014.