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Naruto is One Of The Best Anime Series of All Time


Anime refers to a type of animated media that uses hand drawn Japanese drawings or animation. The term has its roots in Japan where it means all types of animation. However, outside Japan the term refers to all Japanese styled animation. Ninja anime is a subtype of the shonen anime. Shonen anime focuses on young males and usually has an adolescent male protagonist or hero. Naruto is one of the most popular anime series of all time. The anime series is based on manga comics of the same name. The anime series is split into two Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The Naruto series is based on the manga comics while Naruto Shippuden contains original elements that are not in the comics. Both series have a total of 499 episodes, and have spawned tons of memorable Naruto quotes. The anime has 11 films. Three are based on the Naruto series and eight are based on the Naruto Shippuden series

Naruto Uzumaki is the main hero of the Naruto ninja anime series. He is a teenager in the village of Konohagakure. Naruto has an evil creature known as the Nine Tailed Demon Fox sealed within his body. The villagers of Konohagakure ridicule and despise Naruto because of the demon sealed within him. Naruto is not fazed because of the hatred towards him and he aspires to be Hokage, leader of the villager. Naruto’s cheerful nature leads him to befriend ninja from within his village and from surrounding villages. As the series progresses Naruto learns how to use the power of the demon creature trapped within his body.

Norman Pattiz Weights In On The Outcomes Of The Brand Lift Studies Conducted By Edison Research

Recently, the vice president of Edison Research, Tom Webster, and chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, announced the outcome of Brand Lift studies. This series of studies sought to look at the advertising tests targeting five leading national consumer brands in five product and service categories. This was the first study to zero in on before and after-campaign brand lift for various podcast advertisers. It was conducted in 2016. The results of the studies showed the positive outcome of podcast advertising on intent to buy, recall of given messaging and brand recall.

In 2016, on behalf of PodcastOne, Edison Research undertook three studies. Their studies focused on leading national brands. The public knew some of the brands. The lesser-known brands sought to look for increased trial and awareness. All online surveys were conducted before the podcast advertising campaigns started. In addition, between four and six weeks of running the campaign, another study was conducted. The outcome of the pre and post-campaign indicated that audiences appreciated the brand messages and were willing to purchase those brands. Norman Pattiz posited that their focus has been to verify whether their podcast format enhances brand impact past the traditional advertising formats.

From the post-campaign studies, more than 60 percent of listeners cited a specific grocery brand. This was an increase of 7 percent from pre-campaign studies. In addition, there was in increased awareness (60 percent) of campaign message, especially for an automobile aftermarket product. More people (76 percent) became aware of the casual dining restaurant. During the post-study, more than one-third of respondents shared a “very favorable” opinion of the aftermarket product. This was an increase of 18 percent. In the post study, 22 percent of the respondents posited that they were “very likely” to use a garden product or lawn. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as elaborated in the link below

About Norman Pattiz

Norman has a broad experience in the broadcasting industry. The chairperson of Lawrence Livermore is the recipient of the Giants of Broadcasting Award. Norman has served on the United States’ Broadcasting Board of Governors. President Bill Clinton appointed him to the board in 2000. In addition, President George Bush reappointed him to the same board in 2002. The board has played a crucial role in overseeing nonmilitary broadcasting services, including Radio Liberty, The Voice of America, Middle East Broadcasting and Radio Free Europe among many others. Norman has made significant contributions in the Council of Foreign relations where he serves as a member. He is also actively involved in the affairs of the Pacific Council on International Relations.

Marc Sparks: A Serial Enrepreneur With A Big Heart

Marc Sparks is a highly successful serial entrepreneur, with over sixty startups under his belt, who has a passion to build profitable companies and lead people to achieve their highest potential. As the head of Timber Creek Capital, Marc maintains multiple portfolio companies and has sold just as many after turning them into profitable ventures.

Being a private equity firm, Timber Creek Capital specializes in turning people’s business ideas and visions into firm revenue-generating services and products.

By providing the needed capital, equipment, office space, web development, accounting, legal, customer service expertise, banking, marketing, support staff, and so much more, Timber Creek Capital helps people in need navigate their business visions from start to finish.

Thanks to Marc Sparks, the ideas, visions, hopes, and dreams of many people have not fallen by the wayside simply because they didn’t have the capital to get started.

Marc’s book “They Can’t Eat You” was written to empower entrepreneurs by giving them as much of his knowledge as possible. Marc didn’t have a college education to help him along the way but, instead, learned everything he needed to know on his own, and his self-made story has been an inspiration to so many people around the world.

His book presents how he, as a high school graduate with a C+ average, became the success he is today. His unorthodox journey shows people a level of accomplishment they can emulate, and the twists and turns he has experienced throughout his entrepreneurial whirlwind has inspired many unsure people to get out there and self-start their next idea or vision.

Marc Sparks is well-known for the way that he treats his staff, clients, customers, and anyone whom he comes into contact in life. Not only is Marc fair, but he is an understanding, open, great listener, who is very interested in other people’s wellness and security. He truly cares about providing value to real people in the real world and carries an urgency along with him that has become one of his greatest assets.

Throughout his life, Marc has been both poor and rich and his rougher experiences have taught him to always value what you have and that helping people is the greatest thing you can do with your time.

According to GoodReads, Marc Sparks generosity and compassion can be seen through his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved, since the late eighties, with The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter in Texas which gives people a hand up in society and houses about 160 residents a night.

People stay at The Samaritan Inn on average for five months and receive much needed financial education, counseling, family services, job placement, and access to health programs. Marc has personally helped build over a dozen homes that go to people in need and continues to this day to follow his heart by helping people.

Mike Baur Pioneers Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a Swiss-based businessman. He is the co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory. He has worked in the banking industry for over 20 years. For a businessperson to scale the heights of success, one must be willing to venture out and implement ideas. Baur resigned from his banking job and ventured out by investing in other startup companies. It was later that he and like-minded entrepreneurs came together and founded Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. During the committee leading to the startup of the institution, Bauer acted as a jury. In early January 2016, he was named the deputy managing director of CTI. The naming followed after Swiss Startup Factory partnered with CTI. In December 2016, Baur’s early career from Swiss banking to entrepreneurship was profiled by the Wall Street Journal.


The Swiss Startup Factory is a company that seeks to take startup businesses and converts them into international companies. It also aims at making the companies penetrate the existing market by adopting business models that go beyond the universal norms and have products that can sustain them in the market. Swiss Startup Factory employs an accelerator program that is the global gold standard for all other programs to be used. Secondly, the company aims at having the ability to provide all the necessary requirements that startups business’s needs.


The Swiss Startup Factory has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Besides Mike Baur, the enterprise was co-founded by two other entrepreneurs, Max Meister who is a lecturer in entrepreneurship and Oliver Walzer, an application architect. The company has partnered with Gold Bach Group and AMAG that enables them to deliver their services when required.


Under the three months accelerator program, the company provides startups with financing services, office space, mentoring and an extensive entrepreneurial network. The enterprise also provides co- working spaces at affordable prices for desks and conference halls. The co- working spaces features lunch rooms, in- house film studio, free Wi-Fi, gym, and storage areas. Most importantly, they offer what every small business needs, accounting, and financial advice. Under this category, they offer bookkeeping services, payment management, invoice and financial statement keeping. Additionally, they ensure that the tax reports are up to date. Swiss Startup Factory also updates the entrepreneurs on the current progress of the startups. However, they offer custom offer packages designed for each and every startup situation. Under Mike Baur, Swiss Startup Factory has been able to launch several startups that include Blinkers.