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Whitney Wolfe Is More Focused Than Focused

The success of Bumble and Bumble BFF Apps proves that people are too busy to meet physically. Whitney Wolfe noticed a gap in the socialization strategy in the world. On her part, she felt too busy to go to parties, clubs, and bars to meet friends. There was simply no time.

The genius in her made her realize that the phone had become man’s best friend. It was, therefore, genius to start a dating app using the very gadget that had becomes man’s friend. Immediately, she and some other people came up with Tinder, which was the first dating App ever. However, she later left Tinder the union and went independent, launching Bumble, which had tremendous success in America.

Bumble BFF
Whitney Wolfe then realized that people not only used the Bumble App to date but also to make friends. She then realized that she was too busy to meet up female friends and was beginning to be lonely. Immediately, she birthed the idea of Bumble BFF, which is an app that helps women socialize among themselves. Bumble BFF has gained much acceptance as women make new friends and form new circles that they can trust. Notably, the office divas do not meet the needs of a friend and neither do the mean girls. One then gets the opportunity to become friends with real genuine people whom they can trust using Bumble BFF.

One downloads the Bumble App and then proceeds to choose the Bumble BFF module. They then connect with Facebook and offer short descriptions of who they are and the kinds of friend they want. The App then offers suggestions and one is able to make the right friend

Whitney Wolfe
Wolfe is among the few women who have made it to the top 30 under 30. She is destined for greatness and she has no time to waste on other things other than her purpose. No wonder she has no time to physically date or meet friends; Whitney Wolfe is simply focused.

Kevin Seawright’s Certified Accounting Accomplishments

Accounting and finance have been the backbone of Kevin Seawright’s career having been a public and private accountant for different clients. But now Kevin Seawright is moving into real estate investing and development in partnership with Baltimore’s housing authority and a new company he formed known as RPS Solutions. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

This company finds homes that can’t sell well and renovates them into a nice but affordable property for first-time homebuyers. And through various initiatives and voucher programs, lower income individuals and minorities have been able to enter the market. Seawright even had the privilege of seeing a young man he once mentored buy a renovated home for his family.

Kevin Seawright has been working across the Atlantic coast to improve operations in various cities as well as the quality of life in various neighborhoods for many years. After completing both a bachelor’s and master’s degree he started working in the City of Baltimore’s public offices including parks and recreation and public schools.

He primarily managed accounting functions such as tax, payroll, accounts receivable and allocating public funds and municipal bonds. Baltimore had their departments running at peak level thanks to Seawright bringing CitiStat, a data analytics software program to the public offices.

In addition to serving as a public accountant, Seawright was a campaign manager for Otis T. Rolley, a well-known mayoral candidate for the 2011 election. Seawright was also a private accounts manager for Tito Contractors, a residential and commercial construction company based in Washington D.C.

After serving with this company for several years, Kevin Seawright was invited to serve on the Board of Executives for the Community Economic Development Corporation in Newark as Vice President and CFO. Seawright helped put together several building plans regarding Rutgers University’s campus extension and developments at the Heldrich hotel. Seawright also works with non-profit groups such as the Babe Ruth Museum and the National Black Public Accountants Forum.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority-Increasing Traffic Flow

In the Austin area, traffic congestion is a real problem and it needs a solution to solve it. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is all abut finding solutions to problems just like this and they are hard at work to improve the traffic flow on their roads. They have built the 183A Toll road and they transformed the communities around it as they have expanded. They also built the U.S. 290 toll road which has tripled the capacity of the previous road as well as improved the nontoll lanes that were previously there. Mobility Authority is a local company established by the good people of the counties of Travis and Williamson.


The very mission of Mobility Authority is to innovate and to integrate technological solutions into their roads while reducing congestion to the best of tier ability.


They built the MoPac and the variable tolling rates have greatly reduced the lag in traffic flow. They have integrated fiber lines along the 183 South project they have been working on in hopes that someday they will be able to communicate with their infrastructure. An example of this would be that a car going up the roadway in the incorrect direction would be detected.


The Mobility Authority has partnered with Metropia in order to create a traffic app that is capable of monitoring real-time routes for commuters. They have also teamed up with Carma, an app designed to encourage carpooling. There are currently about 900,000 empty seats on the road each day in the Austin area alone and if even just some of those seats could be filled, congestion could be greatly reduced.


The Mobility Authority tried to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists as much as possible by building Shared Use Paths along their projects as much as they can. They already have many dedicated bicycle and pedestrian paths along the Williamson County 183A and are adding more as new projects are built.


Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He has been with the company since 2003 and is a vocal supporter of facilities that accommodate pedestrians and bicycles as much as possible.


During his 30 years in the transportation industry, he has served as a Round Rock City Council member and as Commissioner. He has always been very focused on infrastructure projects including the Brushy Creek Regional Trail and many parkland and transportation projects.


Norman Pattiz, The Founder of PodcastOne

Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne radio network. He established PodcastOne in 2013, and it has grown tremendously over the years. Today, it is the leading advertiser-supported network of Podcast. In a week, Podcast airs more than 340 hours of innovative programming.

In 2016, Edison Research carried out three different studies for PodcastOne. These analyses were to test Podcast’s advertising effectiveness as a tool to market. Selected leading podcasts conducted these studies through online surveys. In February 2017, Norman Pattiz together with Tom Webster, the Edison Research Vice President of Strategy announced the findings of studies on five top consumer brands in the country.

The comprehensive research involved carrying out tests on advertising with the selected brands across various products and service classes. Edison Research conducted this study during the last half of 2016.

The results revealed the positive influence Podcast advertising has on recall of a particular message, brand recall as well as the intent of consumer to purchase. From the pre- and post-campaign study, it was found out that there was a 60% awareness increase for an automobile aftermarket product and a 76% growth in knowledge of a casual dining restaurant from the pre-study to the post-study.

More so, consumers who were very likely to contemplate on using a lawn and garden product was 16% in the pre-study but rose to 22% in the post study. Also, the opinion of an automobile aftermarket product as very favorable grew from 18% to over one-third respondents from the pre-study to post-study.

Another significant finding was that unaided product awareness of an automobile aftermarket merchandise rose by 37% from the pre-study to post-study, and for a lawn and garden product, the rise was by 24% and by 47% for a financial services product. The study also revealed that there was an increase of listeners who mentioned a particular grocery from 7% in the pre-study to 60% in the post study.

Norman Pattiz has also founded other radio network called Westwood One. He is also the founder of Courtside Entertainment Group which finances and produces multi- platform programming.

In 2000, Norman Pattiz was appointed as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors by President Bill Clinton and was later reappointed by President Bush for the same in 2002. Pattiz was inaugurated into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. Other than that, he earned the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.

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