NewsWatch TV has been entertaining audiences with its 30 minute information packed television show since it began airing in 1990. The show was originally focused on providing news that related to financial issues, but has been able to evolve into a program that covers a wide range of topics. During its regular 30 minute air time on AMC and Ion Television affiliates, you can expect to see everything from consumer reports, public service announcements, and even the occasional celebrity interview.

Recently, NewsWatch TV did a consumer report on Contour Design. The company specializes in computer accessories that are created in order to make the lives of everyday computer users comfortable and pain free. Over 3 billion people use computers everyday which can cause poor posture, aches, and pains in the hand and wrist area. Contour Design is well aware of this issue which prompted the creation of their Ultimate Workstation. The product features a mouse that has a digital left click button and a roller bar that is connected to the keyboard near the space bar. This unique design promotes a neutral posture and correct wrist positioning. The Ultimate Workstation comes in the standard configuration as well as the upgraded Free3 model that features a completely wireless setup. Both models are an excellent choice for anyone that wants to enjoy a painless work experience.

Is NewsWatch TV Legit? A Review of NewsWatch TV

The future looks bright for NewsWatch TV as the company gears up for another successful year in 2018. They look to build upon the achievements of 2017 where they won a Gold and Platinum Marcom award as well as a national Videographer Award of Excellence in 30 minute entertainment programming. All signs point to the continued success of the program and viewers cannot wait to see what the year 2018 brings.