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How Securus Technologies is Changing The World of Innovative Forms of Communications as We Know It

If you’re not sure about what the communications system of Securus Technologies is offering for its users and those who are not necessarily directly utilizing it, it’s highly recommended for you to conduct a bit of research on the program and see what its exact benefits and opportunities are. Whether you’ve been made aware of it or not, Securus Technologies is a type of communication system that has been specifically designed to benefit both parties of inmates who are currently confined in any particular correctional facility and those who would have visited them at their location physically, but due to them having access to the Securus Technologies program, there is no longer any need for them to make the visit that they may have been required to previously make. This is why Securus Technologies is being seen as a form of communications that’s very beneficial for its users.


There is an aspect of the Securus Technologies program that is being overlooked by many people, which is that many people outside of the program’s immediate users are capable of benefiting from the program. This is entirely due to the system providing law enforcement agencies opportunities of monitoring the very conversations that occur within the communication platform and chat sessions between the two parties, in which they can utilize the segments as forms of evidence if either party happens to speak about any instances of criminal activities/matters that occur within the premises of the correctional facility in which the inmate in question is confined in. Please be sure to know that your device is compatible with the program. One way to find out is by visiting the website of the program to see the list of compatible devices/requirements. You may find that it’s a program that you’ll truly be able to enjoy and benefit from, as it may have effects of bringing you and a friend closer together than ever before.


Maricopa County

Groups that form and advocate for human and civil rights have been in existence for as long as anyone can remember. Migrant rights groups, likewise, have been around for awhile as well.

But what with the current controversy over immigration and citizen migration now causing concerns on a global scale, teamed with the ease and exposure that the internet now provides people worldwide, there is undoubtedly more of these advocacy groups in existence than ever before.

This is of course great news to those who wish to learn more about these groups and perhaps donate money or volunteer their time. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

People interested in learning more about these advocacy groups simply need to make a quick inquiry into an internet search engine. Within moments, they will have access to seemingly countless pages of advocacy group listings, covering a wide variety of worthy causes and movements, both nationally, as well as just about every other country on earth.

In the national front, migrant issues along the U.S. southern border with Mexico has been a hugely polarized issue recently. One organization, the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund, is addressing civil, human, and migrant rights throughout the state of Arizona, all the way to the Mexican border.

Co-founders Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin established this fund with settlement money obtained from a bogus arrest of them in October 2007. Winning their lawsuit against Maricopa County, they’ve dedicated their $3.75 million settlement to advocating for these rights, as well as promoting freedom of speech and civil participation in this region.

For individuals interested in learning more about migrants’ rights on a more global scale, and to perhaps get involved or donate, one great site to check out is the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (

Over 20 years ago, NNIRR was a founding member of Migrants Rights International (MRI), and strives to play a vital and active role in international migrants’ rights organizing and advocacy. Accessing their website enables visitors to learn a great deal more about their programs and issues, while providing continuous updates on program progress and upcoming concerns in a wide variety of different issues of concern.

Advocates for human rights should look at The Advocates for Human Rights website (

Working on a local, national, and international scale, this organization, founded in 1983, is a non-partisan, non-profit organization.

Another site with comprehensive information, they greatly appreciate and are in need of donors, volunteers, and interns and staff members.

Richard Mishaan Design, a look to the future and the past

Richard Mishaan is an interior and architectural designer at the top of his game. His designs combine his knowledge with his heritage. He was born in Columbia and began his career after getting a BA from NYU and attending Columbia School of Architecture.

He started as an apprentice for the offices of Phillip Johnson, but quickly rose to the top thanks to his deep understanding of luxury and quality.

Design isn’t the only thing Richard Mishaan has dipped his toes into. He has written two books, “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern”. “Artfully Modern” was released in November 2014, published by the Manacelli Press, a division of Random House.

Richard Mishaan Design is a brand that most luxury hotels are familiar with. Richard Mishaan is on the Elite Decor A list and AD 100. He has shown time and time again that design is something that should not be overlooked. He makes his money doing what he loves and is proud of his many amazing achievements.

With his mash ups of modern tech and oldschool beauty, there’s no wonder why more and more hotels are lining up for his design and architectural input. He has designed many Luxury hotels and countless homes. Most recently, he has designed the Shelborne Hotel in South Beach. Though he is still a busy man, designing the Hotel Tcherassi in Cartegena Columbia and the Marriot AC on South Beach.

Any of these things would be an impressive notch on his belt, but that’s not the end of his impressive feats. He is currently working on a new hotel brand, of which he is a founder, that is soon to be announced. His hard work and love of his field is obvious through the beauty of his creations. He cares about what he does, and has the insight to keep it up.

It’s no wonder why everyone is hanging on his every word, waiting for his next project to come to light. An artful mind is a powerful tool to have in today’s modern thought process of getting things done as quick as possible. We’ve lost sight of the beauty of creation. Thankfully there are still men like Richard Mishaan in the world to remind us of how taking pride in your work pays off in the best of ways.


Every human being is entitled to access civil, human and migrant rights. The Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund Foundation ensures that no individual lacks their rights by assisting prejudiced immigrants. All over the world, various organizations are dedicated to ensuring that the human being doesn’t lack their civil, human and migrant rights.

Due to the economic and security situation in various countries, people are forced to migrant in search of better opportunities in life. It is unfortunate that when these individuals reach what they perceive to be safe havens like America, they are met with unforeseen hostility. Other American organizations like Larkin and Lacey Frontera Fund include:

The Florence project

The project is an Arizona-based organization that aims at giving free legal representation and social issues representation to confined adults and solitary children who may be subjected to unfair immigration removal laws in the U.S.

The nonprofit organization aims at assisting the ignorant immigrants who are facing legal proceedings but might be lacking the knowledge of American immigration laws. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikepida

Presently the American government doesn’t provide any free legal representation to immigrants involved in removal proceedings.

The Colibri center for human rights

The Colibri Center for Human Rights believes that each individual life matters. The center has been working hand in hand with missing immigrants families to find out where they are.

America’s southern border is a hotbed for unidentified migrant bodies but most of them will never get a decent burial, and their families will never know they perished while making the treacherous journey across the border. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

However, this human rights organization uses modern forensic methods to find missing immigrants and inform their grieving families through their venture called Missing Migrant Project.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund

This foundation was started in 2013. It was established with $3.7 million settlement money derived from the arbitrary arrest of journalists Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin.

The two were arrested in Phoenix, Arizona for reporting on Phoenix New Times about the violation of immigrant rights. The move was ordered by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Some of the misdeeds that the sheriff was responsible for include spreading anti-Mexican propaganda in Arizona. Arpaio was also responsible for racial profiling, systematic persecution and unconstitutional detention of Latinos.

Less than 24 hours after their detention, they were released from the unlawful detention after public outcry. In 2013, an appeal court ruled out that the court proceedings after their arrest were compromised and it demanded that Maricopa County settles them. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

This settlement money set up the Lacy and Larkin Frontera Fund. The organization aims at assisting the downtrodden Hispanic community to rise up against unfair civil rights violations in Arizona.

Charles Botchway, CEO of Madison Street Capital Secures Extra Capital For ARES Inc.

The financial markets have never before witnessed times like the ones being experienced in 2017. For instance, the historic bull market is still making its impacts felt all across the different sectors of the economy. Interest rates have puzzled nearly everyone across the board with their unrelenting free-fall. Is there really a ground for those interest rates or it that concept merely a ruse coined up to keep the average investor scared and the markets in- check? Experience shows that booms are always going to be preceded by bursts in the natural economics cycle. As an investor, you best have the intelligence to predict the inevitable corrections or at least leverage your holdings to avoid a catastrophic repeat of what happened in 2008. That’s why it’s essential for all of us to have the reliable and seasoned expertise services of firms like the Madison Street Capital Group.


About Corbel Structured Equity Partners


In January this year, Madison Capital once again demonstrated why they are the undisputed leader in the middle investment banking category, here’s how they did it. The group negotiated a splendid deal for their Geneva-based client, ARES. The deal culminated in the software solutions tech company gain more liquidity thanks to the financier, Corbel Structured Equity Partners Inc. the funds are going to boost the expansion programmed ARES has lined up in the coming financial year as they continue to position themselves to being the ultimate end-to-end cyber security protocols and systems for a global-wide clientele base.


Charles Botchway’s Comments


The CEO of Madison is reported to have been personally involved in the deliberations. Mr. Charles Botchway had this to say about the recently wrapped up capital raising venture. He acknowledged the proficient team at ARES, especially the President, Ben Eazzetta, and commended them for their tireless efforts and contributions to making the deal a sure success. On the other hand, ARES President, Mr. Eazzetta also praised Madison and it’s CEO for their due-diligence and accurate risks vs rewards analysis they provided. ARES, buoyed by that stellar outcome, hopes to work with Mr. Botchway and Madison Capital in the future.


About Madison Street Capital Reputation


Madison Street Capital Inc. is a global venture capitalist firm specializing in providing quality and accurate corporate financial consultation services to both private and private clients. Its core services include, portfolio restricting and overall management, departmental organization and overhauls, capital raising, pricing and valuation services, risk analysis and mitigation services and mergers and acquisitions negotiations. The firm prides itself in providing unique, tailor-made services for each client as opposed to the commonly adopted, one-size-fits-all investment strategies you’ll find with other VC firms out there.


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George Soros Supports Hilary Clinton Campaign

George Soros is a powerful hedge fund manager who is based in the United States. Soros is also one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. In the year 2009, the billionaire amassed a lot of wealth. The Soros Fund Management controls about twenty billion dollars in investor assets. The powerful investor is also very active in philanthropic activities.

George Soros is not a stranger to the American politics too. The billionaire has always used his wealth to help the candidates of his choice during elections. Last year, the successful hedge fund manager decided to support Hilary Clinton in her campaigns. This decision surprised many people because the billionaire had been dormant in political campaigns since 2004. Donald Trump’s desire to become the next president of the United States prompted the billionaire to raise and fund organizations that were established to aid Clinton and other Democratic candidates.

Donald Trump and George Soros have always shared different views of important matters. Reports say that Donald Trump supports terrorism activities in the world, and electing him to take the top position will be dangerous for the world. The billionaire believes that Clinton is the best candidate for the presidency because she has better qualities when compared to Trump, and she supports his views in open society. Learn more on about George Soros.

George Soros is considered to have given over 25 million dollars to support Hilary and other Democratic activities. The money was divided among some of the main groups in the country to enhance Clinton’s win in the election. The money was also to be used to display some of the negative aspects of Donald Trump and his supporters. One of the groups that were given the funds is the American Bridge 21st Century, an influential PAC that was established to research some of the counterproductive and unfavorable practices by the Republicans and their leaders.

When George Bush handed over to President Obama in the year 2004, Soros drifted away funding American politics. His close associates followed suit immediately after. His return to Democratic funding was an excellent sign for Hilary and her team. This is because other wealthy individuals will be attracted to the party, and they will most probably join forces and support Hilary. Soros has been very instrumental in creating awareness in the country by supporting reform campaign groups in the country such as End Citizen United.

Learn more about George at Biography.

Apart from his enormous contributions in politics, the billionaire has also been funding charitable organizations in the world. His foundation known as the Open Society has changed the lives of many people in the world. The organization has helped in providing healthcare, education, and justice to individuals who come from low-income families. The powerful organization has offices in more than one hundred nations in the world at the moment.

Read more:

Richard Blair Focuses on the Investments for Long Term Success

Richard Blair a powerful investor that has helped many people in the financial world see the better ways to manage their portfolio. He has done a lot over the years in the field of consulting, and he believes that any of his clients can get on their way to better returns on investment when they know what they need to do.


Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions has created many opportunities for investors to build better portfolios. He has managed to create opportunities for investors that really want to do the best when it comes to building a portfolio that will bring forth sizable returns on investment. There are a lot of experienced investors that have been able to see the strength of consulting with Richard Blair because he has 20 years of experience. He knows about the stocks, EFT options, annuities, IRA plans and 401K plans that can help the working class maximize their returns.


At the other end of the spectrum there are people that are wealthy that would prefer to find the ways that can help them preserve their wealth. They may have a small fortune in place, but they may not know how they can actually keep their money in a place where it makes more money. This is what Richard Blair can do for anyone that may have wondered how they could make better financial decisions. Blair has made it possible for people to look at the possibility of building a better financial plan if they want to do something that will help them in the long term.


Most investors look at the quick fix for return rates in the beginning. A lot of new investors will make an attempt to cash out, but Richard Blair has a focus on the investors that seek long term success. With Wealth Solutions Richard Blair is making sure that consumers have the chance diversify their portfolio and find out about the things that would help them improve upon their chances of retiring successfully. So many people are struggling with how they can actually make better investment choices. Richard Blair has access to the information that is needed to help people make a change in the right direction. The best thing about consulting with someone like Richard Blair is that there are an abundant number of choices that people may have never considered with advice from the Wealth Solutions organization.


Sam Tabar And His Simplified Investment Strategies

Sam Tabar is an investment expert who has been online for some time, and he is giving his clients quite a lot of information about investments that he believes will help them earn money. The money that his clients earn is multiplied when they are using his advice, and they may follow him on social media for a closer look at the work he does. This article explains how Sam Tabar helps all his client make wise decisions.

#1: Sam Tabar And His Online Presence

According to, Sam Tabar has a massive online presence that offers advice to all his clients, and he knows that he may pass on information easily through his many social media profiles. He writes articles online that are helpful to all, and he knows that he may help someone learn about investment when they need aid.

#2: Avoiding New Investments

There are many new investments on the market that are simply too much to bear, and there are many people who will find it interesting to make changes to their investments because it catches their eye. These people may be sucked into an investment that is not good for them, and they will lose money because they did not think it through properly.

#3: The Investments In Energy Are Worth The Money

Energy investment is a new item that Sam has become interested in, and he knows that there are a number of people who will make quite a lot of money because they are spending it on energy. He is working in the energy investment field, and he sees quite a lot of potential for all those who wish to invest in something that is easy to manage. Wind and solar power are rising, and the new energy field is growing exponentially every year.

There are quite a few people who will find it fun to invest with Sam Tabar as he offers a number of options that are new to each client. They will learn many new things, and they will feel as though they have a higher earning potential because they have worked with him to improve the way they spend their money.

Learn More About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein works as a partner of Goldstein & Associates LLC. This is a law firm that advises compensation committees, management teams, chief executive officers and other corporations. The company provides advice on the corporate governance and executive compensation matters.


Before founding his firm, he worked as a partner in Lipton, Wachtell and Rosen & Katz. Jeremy Goldstein has been at the center of some of the successful corporate transactions. Some of the performances include the total acquisition of the Goodrich. The United Technologies were acquiring Goodrich. Others are the Dow Chemical Company, Goldman Sachs and Sanofi-Aventis.


Jeremy Goldstein is the chairperson of the Merger & Acquisition. He also writes and speaks on corporate governance and also the executive compensation. He is listed as a topmost compensation lawyer in Chambers USA and the Legal 500. Jeremy Goldstein is an active member of the advisory board of the NYU Journal of Law.


Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent lawyer who is listed on the Referral and Information Service. This is a new portal that is online based, and its primary purpose is to assist clients in finding lawyers who are capable of handling their particular problems. It is mainly a confidential service, and it is available any time of the day.


The Lawyer Referral System was established by New York Bar Association to provide a means of assisting individuals in getting legal assistance. The clients are often matched with attorneys who are experienced in their field. The credentials of the lawyers are reviewed continuously by the New York Bar Association.


The association developed this online portal in partnership with the This is a countrywide provider of the referral management technology especially in the legal industry. The referrals are free of charge. The clients are allowed to talk to the lawyer of their choice. A small fee is charged for the first 30 minutes.



Fabletic’s Commitment to offering Quality Products and Services.

In the past decade, many businesses have been establishing e-commerce websites to sell their products. The online business is however dominated by industry pioneers such as Amazon. The company’s site attracts about 20 percent of the online shoppers. Fabletics is a relatively younger firm that was established in 2013. The firm has majored in selling athleisure wear products through its e-commerce platform. It has an excellent subscription service that has currently attracted millions of clients from different parts of the United States. The great strategies that it uses have enabled it to grow into a major competitor of Amazon.


The founders of Fabletics are Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg. Hudson has been striving to make sure that the products that the firm provides to the clients are durable, trendy, stylish, and fashionable. Athleisure wear makes people feel active and can either be worn to the gym or as casual clothing. The value of the firm has risen rapidly in the past three years, and it is estimated to be about $250 million.


The excellent marketing plan that Fabletics uses has enabled it to grow its brand. Its subscription package has been attracting more clients each day. The growth of the firm has been facilitated by its use of its online platform as well as brick and mortar stores in selling products. Having a double outlet system increases the accessibility of the firm’s clothes to the clients. Fabletics operated 18 physical stores by the end of last year and plans to establish 12 others by mid-2017. The new brick and mortar shops will be located in Illinois, California, and Hawaii.


The membership plan that is offered by Fabletics cannot be matched by its competitors. All its subscribers are sold products at a discount of about 50 percent. Its members are also offered special discounts whenever they purchase clothes from its physical stores. The company sells its customized products cheaply compared to other businesses.


The growth of Fabletics has also been facilitated by its unique marketing plan that is known as reverse showrooming. Many companies do not believe in the tactic, but the firm has used it successfully. Fabletics has been getting more clients in its brick and mortar stores by inviting online shoppers to visit them. Its way of interacting with customers has enabled it to develop long-term relationships with them. The firm also ensures that it offers the best after sales services.


Fabletics has been utilizing online data to assist it in establishing great retail strategies. The type of clothes that it stocks is greatly influenced by sentiments that are made on social media and the preference of the clients. The firm meets that fashion needs of its customers since it understands their tastes. Customers are required to offer some information when they are registering as members, and this enables stylists to determine products that suit them. The firm sends customized clothes to its members once a month. It is devoted to offering to excellent shopping experience to all its customers.