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How to Change According to Vijay Eswaran

One of the common desires people have is to make changes. However, the way that many people want to make changes is from the outside. For instance, some people want to change others. This is a common occurrence, especially in relationships. However, when people take that approach to change, they tend to fail. They also find themselves being very frustrated with their lives and the people they are trying to change. However, Vijay Eswaran states that this is the wrong way to try to change. As a matter of fact, he knows a better way to change things in one’s own life.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran has said about change is that real change starts from within. Therefore, people who want to change their lives or any aspect of their lives, they have to change from within. This means changing the way they think, act, and other aspects of themselves as it depends on what they are trying to change. One thing that people find when they make a point to change themselves that they find that other things in their lives change. For instance, they are more likely to see a change in the people in their lives.

One thing that Vijay Eswaran has said about change is that it is not easy. There are quite a few challenges that are to be met with change. Therefore, the best thing for people who want to change is to be committed. When people commit to making the changes, they are going to push through some of the obstacles that come forth. However, once they figure out the obstacles, they are going to find that the journey was worth all of the twists and turns. People will feel fulfilled about the efforts they have made towards changing themselves and their lives.

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Roberto Santiago Has Turned Opportunities Into A Successful Legacy

Roberto Santiago is an extremely well rounded individual. His ventures and interests include business, sportsmanship and trading. He owns one of the most distinct and unique malls in Brazil called the Manaira Shopping Mall. This is the biggest mall in Paraiba. The mall is between the Joao Pessoa counties north coasts and was founded late in 1989. The mall represents both a very strong investment venture and place of leisure. The many features of this incredible mall include eleven movie theatres equipped with the most current cinematic projection technology.


Roberto Santiago also incorporated a 3D and VIP room with fabulous armchairs designed for standing or sitting. The entertainment grid features a game station with an electronic amusement park. This includes as many as 300 games chosen for every age and taste. The Manaira Shopping Mall also features Domus Hall on the rooftop. This is an extremely big concert hall. Ten thousand people can be accommodated when they are standing or four thousand sitting. The two floors cater to the guests with ten private cabins including access to dressing rooms and lounge music. The ground floor is perfect for graduations, private events, concerts and weddings. This mall not only entertains it expresses culture.


Roberto Santiago has used the Manaira Shopping Mall as a showcase for diverse cultures. This can be seen through various exhibitions. He makes partnerships with social institutions because he wants children to understand the exhibits and have fun at the same time. This mall is recognized all over the country due to the efforts of Roberto Santiago. There are 300 stores in the mall to provide everything the visitors could possibly want. This is a true mecca of entertainment. Roberto Santiago is also responsible for the Mangabeira Shopping Center. This project launched late in 2014 and is recognized throughout Joao Pessoa as a commercial development enterprise. He created these malls with a great deal of thought, expertise and passion.


Roberto Santiago is so much more than a man who has succeeded in business. He excels in sports as well. He entered the state championships and received the trophy for first place several times. He is the first Brazilian who ever won the Brazilian kart championship. He has entered numerous motocross competitions and earned several titles. Roberto Santiago was the champion in two separate Paraibano championships.


Roberto Santiago has always had the ability to both recognize and seize opportunities. This has made him a great entrepreneur. He is able to achieve growth in his business ventures due to an innate instinct and skill. He may have started his career small but he has earned the respect of the business world. Roberto Santiago’s career began at Café Santa Rosa and culminated with a legacy that will always be remembered.


Robert Santiago, the creative persistent entrepreneur

If you’re looking into who started the idea of the most compelling shopping mall in Brazil you will find a very determined, hard-working entrepreneur who never gave up on his hopes and dreams. This man truly believed that his hard work would one day pay off, and boy did it ever. The shopping centre idea has become the most desired hang out area where friends and family go shopping, eat, have fun and be entertained.

Robert Santiago was a very creative man and leaves people in awe as to his creativity. What man would ever think of having such an elaborate and desirable shopping mall? Santiago began his dream by purchasing the land on which the Manaira shopping mall is currently located at in 1987. Robert was so determined and persistent that he pushed through every single obstacle and two years later in 1989 his dream came to pass, the mall was ready and was launched.


This shopping centre has eleven movie theatres with the most modern up to date technology within the sound system.

Domus Hall:

Within the Manaira Shopping Mall, the Domus Hall which didn’t come to pass till 2009 is one of the biggest concert halls, which is located in its roof. The Domus Hall has adequate space to have any kinds of function or event that you could possibly ask for. The concert hall will seat up to four thousand people and ten thousand more will be allowed in the standing area. The hall is airtight and temperature controlled so no need to be worried about being too loud for the neighbours. The sound system is phenomenal equipment and crystal clear.


He also chose to put in an amusement park, 200 gaming machines which should have something for all ages. There is also a gaming area with a bowling alley.

Food Court:

The food court has changed quite a bit since it first opened; there have been several revisions throughout the years so that there is a wide range of restaurants. They range from fast food to more elaborate dining choices.


No matter what you’re looking for within a shopping mall, you’re guaranteed to find something at the Manaira shopping mall. There are furniture stores, sports gear, bookstore, clothing stores, jewellery, and cosmetics among other things.

As a result of Roberto’s dream and entrepreneurship, many businesses have followed suit in hopes of giving other residents more opportunities.

Last but not least Roberto was born on July 16, 1958, in Joao Pessoa. He attended school at Pio X-Marist College then went on and achieved his undergraduate degree at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Robert has literally started down a path of greatness for the expansion of the community.

Daniel Taub Reveals the Open Secret

According to the experienced diplomat, expert in international law and analyst of political affairs Mr. Daniel Taub, Iran was given a leeway to continue with its nuclear program by the UN in a deal that the Israeli authorities thought was wrong and a big mistake.

In an exclusive interview with newsmen, Mr. Taub claims that Iran will exploit the loophole in the deal to manufacture a nuclear bomb soon


Mr. Taub reveals that Israel s considering forging deals with states that people never thought would be in the same pot with the Israeli State. Mr. Taub points out that Israel is especially apprehensive of the Shia alliances that Iran is sponsoring in the region.

In an interview with the Independent Newspaper, Mr. Taub faults the UN-brokered deal with Iran. He says that the Geneva Accord will not restrain Iran from manufacturing a nuclear bomb, noting that Iran is, therefore, a threat to peace in the Middle East.

It is for the latter reason that Israel is considering forging alliances with countries opposed to the “axis of evil”, as Israel would prefer to refer to the Shia network. Mr. Taub observes that the solution to the proliferation of the Shia network is to work with the Sunni leaning countries of the Middle East.

The Israeli government has adopted a multipronged strategy of pressurizing its traditional partners to buy its argument against the deal. A delegation of diplomats, government officials, strategists and analysts recently arrived in Washington from Israel to pursue that agenda; stopping Iran from proceeding with its nuclear program. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Israel versus the Architects of the Deal

The Geneva Deal with Iran has been applauded by its sponsors in Europe and America. In the UK for example, Mr. William Hague, the UK Foreign Secretary was lauded for being one of the architects of the deal. Its advocates claim that it is the first successful agreement with Iran since 1979.


Mr. Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Great Britain. He attended Oxford University and Harvard, among other top educational institutions. Mr. Taub migrated to Israel sometime in 1989. He has served in numerous senior positions in the Israeli administration.

Mr. Taub has worked with the Defense Forces of Israel as a combat doctor. He has also served as a lawyer specializing in international law.

Mr. Daniel Taub was given a job in the Foreign Ministry of Israel in 1991. He served as the Israeli Ambassador to the UK from 2011 to 2015. Currently, Daniel Taub is the Yad Hanadiv Foundation Director of Strategy.

Jacob Gottlieb: Visium Founder

Jacob Gottlieb is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who is known as the founder of Visium Asset Management, a company that is tasked to manage assets. It was founded in 2005, and Jacob Gottlieb is doing a great job in managing healthcare based stocks. Jacob Gottlieb is one of the most popular hedge fund managers out there who is managing the investments of his clients. Through his effort, the $3.5 billion that he manages continually becomes a larger investment venture, and most of his clients are happy with the service that he provides. Jacob Gottlieb is also tasked to oversee some of the changes in the health-based stock market, and he is doing his best to explain how the investors can earn money through the stocks that they are purchasing.

Jacob Gottlieb is a brilliant businessman and entrepreneur because he managed to get the traders buy stocks from him. His expertise and skills are focused on the development of the stocks and making them valuable over time. Some of the most successful people in the field of trading are also well aware of the techniques that Jacob Gottlieb is imposing, and they are impressed as to how he is managing a huge pool of funds.

His interest in trading started off when he was still a kid. Back in when he was still studying, Jacob Gottlieb joined a contest in his school where he was tasked to select which stocks would make it big. He used his skills in decision making to choose which stocks would end up being successful, and he won. His father was impressed by what he has shown, and he was given his stock market account after what has happened. He would later take up a B.A. Degree in Economics, and a Doctor of Medicine Degree where he graduated as magna cum laude. Jacob Gottlieb, now being a doctor and a stockbroker, decided that he will be using his talents to help more people.

Jacob Gottlieb knew that being a stock market trader and a doctor has so many similarities. He knew that there are risks in his jobs – one deals with saving lives, and the other one deals with taking risks for revenues. As Jacob Gottlieb learned more information about trading, he could no longer practice his profession as a doctor because his schedule would not permit him. He ultimately decided to quit medicine in exchange for becoming a stock market trader. After he has lost his license to practice medicine, Jacob Gottlieb focused on being a trader, and he made it big time after earning a lot of revenue. Jacob Gottlieb thanked everyone who provided their support, and he admits that he would not become successful today if not for them.

Daniel Taub Biography

Daniel Taub was born in Great Britain in 1962 and educated in Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, Elstree before joining higher learning institutions including Oxford University College, London University College, and later Harvard where he graduated. In 1989, he was employed in Israel where he worked both as a troop medic and reserve officer in the Israel Defense Force.


Daniel Taub is an international law expert, specialized in counter-terrorism and war laws. During his service in Israel, he held many diplomatic and political positions in the Israel Foreign Ministry. He was elected to the Israel Foreign Ministry in 1991 and since then he has worked in many diplomatic posts including the Israel ambassador to the UK between 2011 and 2015. As UNs legal adviser to Israel’s mission in UN headquarters in Geneva and New York, he also represented Israel in many peace forums. For the four years that Taub served as the Israel ambassador to the UK, he managed to double Israel-UK trade by improving business and cultural links between the two states.


Taub was also a part of the Israel-Palestinian peace process and served as a member of the board of diplomats who shared the Israel-Syrian negotiation. As a peace lover, he held the position of Israel’s observer delegation to the International Court of justice where he headed the hearing of how well to secure and maintain peace in Israel and its environs. He also represented Israel in the UN investigative committee following the Gaza flotilla incident and played a significant role in negotiating the entry of Israel’s Red Cross society into the International Red Cross Movement, after 70 years of Israel exclusion from the movement.


Today, Daniel Taub is the YadHanadiv foundation director of Strategy and Planning. He is also the founder and chief scriptwriter of the Israel drama series HeChatser, where he works to overcome the stereotypes of secular and religious division in Israel. He also lectures and writes on International law and negotiation theories. Besides serving YadHanadiv foundation as the chief director, he writes speeches for the Israel President Chaim Herzog.


Although his successor to the Israel Ambassador to the UK position has not been announced, the world believes that the next Israel ambassador to the UK will have to learn the skills that Taub used to overcome the indifference of the two countries to enhance business between the two nations. Daniel Taub once said that it is a good feeling to know that Israel and the UK relations are good and strong. Learn more: