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The Success Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is one of the most successful men to every bless America with his creative mind. He is one of the modern day heroes in the state of Mississippi. Receiving the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement award is a major milestone achieved for him. Mr. Ivy was honored earn that award, which was given to him on June 2, 2018 by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Ivy received that special present, while attending an event in his home state of Jackson, Mississippi.

After winning the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, Mr. Ivy made a few quotes at the event that really showed how happy he was about getting the award. He also gave thanks to his home state. He stated that Mississippi is where he met and learned literature and art. Robert Ivy also let it be known that many of his Mississippi fellow honorees, that have made this same achievement, where his heroes during his childhood.

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Previously in his life, Robert Ivy earned an award from a national architecture fraternity called Alpha Rho Chi as Master Architect. He received this award for being extremely effective with his way of verbalizing the art of designing and its value. As the only chosen architect during the 21st century, Ivy is only a seventh of all the people to earn this achievement from Alpha Rho Chi’s last 100 year span. Not only that, Robert Ivy has also received an award from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture. In 2017, that is where Robert Ivy earned the Dean’s Medal from that university.

Ivy’s resume in the architecture category has multiple attributes. He joined the AIA (American Institute of Architects) in 2011, which he is now the as the current CEO and executive Vice President of AIA. Before connecting with the AIA, Ivy also held a position in McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record as the Editor-in-Chief.

Ivy has had much success in his career. So many achievements in his lifetime. And so much more to achieve. Mr. Ivy has built a genuinely solid reputation as a commentator, writer, and author in the world of architecture.


Another Honest Review from NewsWatch TV

NewsWatch TV has been entertaining audiences with its 30 minute information packed television show since it began airing in 1990. The show was originally focused on providing news that related to financial issues, but has been able to evolve into a program that covers a wide range of topics. During its regular 30 minute air time on AMC and Ion Television affiliates, you can expect to see everything from consumer reports, public service announcements, and even the occasional celebrity interview.

Recently, NewsWatch TV did a consumer report on Contour Design. The company specializes in computer accessories that are created in order to make the lives of everyday computer users comfortable and pain free. Over 3 billion people use computers everyday which can cause poor posture, aches, and pains in the hand and wrist area. Contour Design is well aware of this issue which prompted the creation of their Ultimate Workstation. The product features a mouse that has a digital left click button and a roller bar that is connected to the keyboard near the space bar. This unique design promotes a neutral posture and correct wrist positioning. The Ultimate Workstation comes in the standard configuration as well as the upgraded Free3 model that features a completely wireless setup. Both models are an excellent choice for anyone that wants to enjoy a painless work experience.

Is NewsWatch TV Legit? A Review of NewsWatch TV

The future looks bright for NewsWatch TV as the company gears up for another successful year in 2018. They look to build upon the achievements of 2017 where they won a Gold and Platinum Marcom award as well as a national Videographer Award of Excellence in 30 minute entertainment programming. All signs point to the continued success of the program and viewers cannot wait to see what the year 2018 brings.


Whitney Wolfe Is More Focused Than Focused

The success of Bumble and Bumble BFF Apps proves that people are too busy to meet physically. Whitney Wolfe noticed a gap in the socialization strategy in the world. On her part, she felt too busy to go to parties, clubs, and bars to meet friends. There was simply no time.

The genius in her made her realize that the phone had become man’s best friend. It was, therefore, genius to start a dating app using the very gadget that had becomes man’s friend. Immediately, she and some other people came up with Tinder, which was the first dating App ever. However, she later left Tinder the union and went independent, launching Bumble, which had tremendous success in America.

Bumble BFF
Whitney Wolfe then realized that people not only used the Bumble App to date but also to make friends. She then realized that she was too busy to meet up female friends and was beginning to be lonely. Immediately, she birthed the idea of Bumble BFF, which is an app that helps women socialize among themselves. Bumble BFF has gained much acceptance as women make new friends and form new circles that they can trust. Notably, the office divas do not meet the needs of a friend and neither do the mean girls. One then gets the opportunity to become friends with real genuine people whom they can trust using Bumble BFF.

One downloads the Bumble App and then proceeds to choose the Bumble BFF module. They then connect with Facebook and offer short descriptions of who they are and the kinds of friend they want. The App then offers suggestions and one is able to make the right friend

Whitney Wolfe
Wolfe is among the few women who have made it to the top 30 under 30. She is destined for greatness and she has no time to waste on other things other than her purpose. No wonder she has no time to physically date or meet friends; Whitney Wolfe is simply focused.

Norman Pattiz Weights In On The Outcomes Of The Brand Lift Studies Conducted By Edison Research

Recently, the vice president of Edison Research, Tom Webster, and chairman of PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz, announced the outcome of Brand Lift studies. This series of studies sought to look at the advertising tests targeting five leading national consumer brands in five product and service categories. This was the first study to zero in on before and after-campaign brand lift for various podcast advertisers. It was conducted in 2016. The results of the studies showed the positive outcome of podcast advertising on intent to buy, recall of given messaging and brand recall.

In 2016, on behalf of PodcastOne, Edison Research undertook three studies. Their studies focused on leading national brands. The public knew some of the brands. The lesser-known brands sought to look for increased trial and awareness. All online surveys were conducted before the podcast advertising campaigns started. In addition, between four and six weeks of running the campaign, another study was conducted. The outcome of the pre and post-campaign indicated that audiences appreciated the brand messages and were willing to purchase those brands. Norman Pattiz posited that their focus has been to verify whether their podcast format enhances brand impact past the traditional advertising formats.

From the post-campaign studies, more than 60 percent of listeners cited a specific grocery brand. This was an increase of 7 percent from pre-campaign studies. In addition, there was in increased awareness (60 percent) of campaign message, especially for an automobile aftermarket product. More people (76 percent) became aware of the casual dining restaurant. During the post-study, more than one-third of respondents shared a “very favorable” opinion of the aftermarket product. This was an increase of 18 percent. In the post study, 22 percent of the respondents posited that they were “very likely” to use a garden product or lawn. This information was originally published on PRNewswire as elaborated in the link below

About Norman Pattiz

Norman has a broad experience in the broadcasting industry. The chairperson of Lawrence Livermore is the recipient of the Giants of Broadcasting Award. Norman has served on the United States’ Broadcasting Board of Governors. President Bill Clinton appointed him to the board in 2000. In addition, President George Bush reappointed him to the same board in 2002. The board has played a crucial role in overseeing nonmilitary broadcasting services, including Radio Liberty, The Voice of America, Middle East Broadcasting and Radio Free Europe among many others. Norman has made significant contributions in the Council of Foreign relations where he serves as a member. He is also actively involved in the affairs of the Pacific Council on International Relations.

Millennials Using The Black Card From Magnises

Imagine a credit card, that isn’t actually a credit card, that links to your checking or credit account that comes with perks that are geared towards the millennial generation. Perks that go hand in hand with hot nightclubs, hip speakeasies, cool fashion events and rowdy live concerts.

CEO and Founder of Magnises 24-year-old Billy McFarland is “building a complete platform that connects millennials with new businesses, online and offline.” (Madeline Stone “A 23-year-old created a club for elite millennials where everyone gets a black card and parties in a New York City penthouse”

McFarland founded Magnises in August 2013 and has made this card feel like a club for “interesting people from all different industries—whether it’s fashion or finance or media or technology—and connecting them through a credit card that’s more relevant to their daily lives.” (Krista Soriano “Carded: What It’s Like to Own a Magnises Card” DuJour, Accessed 3 Jan. 2017.

Magnises has an annual fee of $250 with benefits that far exceed the payment for the growing member base of close to 6000 people. Some advantages Magnises cardholders have are “guaranteed reservations at restaurants like La Esquina, special fitness classes at gyms like David Barton and access to Magnises’ New York townhouse.” (Carson Griffith “Musicians Embrace Magnises, a Black Card for the Younger Set” Billboard, 18 Mar. 2014, Accessed 3 Jan. 2017

Billy McFarland and Magnises are focused towards bringing the young working professionals together in a community setting with these perks.  McFarland says that Magnises isn’t trying to be like American Express, but rather trying to live vicariously through those card members with perks that go hand in hand with their purchases. After all, why not get a back stage tour of the 5 star restaurant your dining at with a private taste test from the chef?