A name in the makeup business that most people may not have heard of is Doe Deere. People who have heard the name are familiar with the controversial products made by Limecrime. The products are designed to stand out and be mysterious like unicorns. Doe Deere is said to be the Queen Unicorn.

Russia was home to Doe for the majority of her childhood years. She moved to the US when she was 17 years old and her dream was to originally be a musician. In all rights, this is how the start of her career landed. Now she is in a completely different market. Even though she is in makeup today, she has learned much of what she knows about marketing because of the band and her role in the band.

In a new interview with Guest of a Guest, Doe was asked to explain her business and decisions regarding her personal life. She speaks of always loving the makeup industry and while her friends were out hanging out with friends, she was at home creating temporary tattoos. Once she created the temporary tattoo’s, her friends would purchase them. Eventually everyone was using her tattoo’s.

Doe Deere talks to others about how she met her husband and how they participated in a band together. It was the band that caused her and her husband to meet. As for many years later, the two still share the love for the industry and he holds the position of President within Limecrime’s company.

She was spoke to regarding what she wishes to let others know regarding Limecrime. Doe speaks hugely about wanting women to be in touch with their individuality. She wants to let women know that each person has something unique to themselves. When you start to discover yourself, you will find that others will start to appreciate your uniqueness. It is then that a person will start to flourish.

The start of the company was in 2008 and was originally found on Ebay stores. The first start of the business was with an intense pigmented makeup product. The makeup from then out would be bright colors that other manufacturers didn’t have the means to make. It was the knowledge she had for what others wanted that helped her to create a product line that she could be proud of and what would leave others wanting more. Not only does she create makeup but also a line of hair dye and even nail polish. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doedeere