Accounting and finance have been the backbone of Kevin Seawright’s career having been a public and private accountant for different clients. But now Kevin Seawright is moving into real estate investing and development in partnership with Baltimore’s housing authority and a new company he formed known as RPS Solutions. Read more: Newark economic development group names CFO

This company finds homes that can’t sell well and renovates them into a nice but affordable property for first-time homebuyers. And through various initiatives and voucher programs, lower income individuals and minorities have been able to enter the market. Seawright even had the privilege of seeing a young man he once mentored buy a renovated home for his family.

Kevin Seawright has been working across the Atlantic coast to improve operations in various cities as well as the quality of life in various neighborhoods for many years. After completing both a bachelor’s and master’s degree he started working in the City of Baltimore’s public offices including parks and recreation and public schools.

He primarily managed accounting functions such as tax, payroll, accounts receivable and allocating public funds and municipal bonds. Baltimore had their departments running at peak level thanks to Seawright bringing CitiStat, a data analytics software program to the public offices.

In addition to serving as a public accountant, Seawright was a campaign manager for Otis T. Rolley, a well-known mayoral candidate for the 2011 election. Seawright was also a private accounts manager for Tito Contractors, a residential and commercial construction company based in Washington D.C.

After serving with this company for several years, Kevin Seawright was invited to serve on the Board of Executives for the Community Economic Development Corporation in Newark as Vice President and CFO. Seawright helped put together several building plans regarding Rutgers University’s campus extension and developments at the Heldrich hotel. Seawright also works with non-profit groups such as the Babe Ruth Museum and the National Black Public Accountants Forum.