Kevin Seawright has spent his life helping those who live in inner cities because that is how he was raised. He was brought up to help people who were looking for a way to get out of poverty, and he spent much of his career in public service to these very same people. This article explains how Kevin has done work for the community that is simply not done by other people in his industry. He is helping to develop better places to live, and he is helping those who need public services.

#1: Working For The City Of Baltimore

His Twitter handle shows that Kevin Seawright worked for the city of Baltimore for many years as he helped the schools and transportation department save money. His accounting systems trimmed the fat on budgets that were out of control, and he was sure to help improve services with the money that he saved.

He had many different plans to change the accounting in the city, and he was able to move on to Newark to help their development corporation.

#2: Helping Newark Grow

The city of Newark has quite a lot of work to do, and they are using a development corporation to build in many different areas of the city. According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright managed all accounting for the firm, and he was able to save money to ensure more buildings were built.

He wanted to have as many people working at once, and he knew it would be far simpler to save money for future investment. The city of Newark improved quite a lot in his tenure, and he had the opportunity to move back to Baltimore.

Helping inner city families in the city of Baltimore helps increase home ownership. Someone who has a home must take great care of it, and the ownership program that Kevin started helped the city begin many new small communities made up of the people most in need of better homes.

Kevin Seawright has dedicated his career to helping people who cannot help themselves, and he has shown he knows how to manage funds in a proper manner for each new project.