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Bob Reina: Important Lessons for Young Investors

Bob Reina is a professional who has changed the modern society in so many ways. The businessman is an iconic figure, especially when it comes to matters concerning video communication. Unlike many people who are born by prominent people who are already enjoying wealth, Bob Reina was born in a middle-class society, and he has worked hard to acquire his success. After completing his studies, the businessman joined the police force so that he could earn a living. A decade after joining this dominant force, Reina could no longer find the happiness and contentment he was looking for. This is what motivated him to look for ways to venture into a more competitive and profitable area. The markets were quite challenging, but Bob Reina made it in direct marketing with the help of friends.


Bob Reina is the owner of one of the largest direct selling companies that are found in the world, known as Talk Fusion. The organization has started over one hundred offices in many parts of the world, and most of them are doing so well in the tight markets. It can be very complicated to perform in a market that has not been explored in the modern times. However, Reina and Talk Fusion have done their part, and they have given customers the high-quality services they have been looking for over the years. Reina has managed to share his success story with investors and other people in the society over the years so that he can motivate them and at the same time change their lives. In one of the publications, Reina talks about his childhood and how it affects the future. Some of the lessons he acquired as a child have played a leading role in his successful career.


When Reina was growing up, he would observe how careful his teachers and parents were when teaching him how to ride a bicycle. Before engaging in this activity, the young man would be forced to wear training wheels, elbow-pads and helmets just for a single training session. Learning to ride the bicycle required a lot of persistence from the young people and their mentors. After falling down, these children would wake up and continue with their activities, regardless of the pain they got. At some point, the mentors would let go and allow the children to take charge of the whole situation, and this is how they finally learned how to grip the handle bars firmly and work hard to ensure that they achieved the amount of success they were looking for.


Although Reina is a successful man who has been in the market for quite a long time, he understands the importance of following this lesson in his businesses. Without persistence and hard work, it is impossible to do well in a market that has become so competitive. People who want to become wealthy should learn how to be optimistic, be eager and have the ambition to conquer the challenges they come across. Lear mnore:






Richard Mishaan Design, a look to the future and the past

Richard Mishaan is an interior and architectural designer at the top of his game. His designs combine his knowledge with his heritage. He was born in Columbia and began his career after getting a BA from NYU and attending Columbia School of Architecture.

He started as an apprentice for the offices of Phillip Johnson, but quickly rose to the top thanks to his deep understanding of luxury and quality.

Design isn’t the only thing Richard Mishaan has dipped his toes into. He has written two books, “Modern Luxury” and “Artfully Modern”. “Artfully Modern” was released in November 2014, published by the Manacelli Press, a division of Random House.

Richard Mishaan Design is a brand that most luxury hotels are familiar with. Richard Mishaan is on the Elite Decor A list and AD 100. He has shown time and time again that design is something that should not be overlooked. He makes his money doing what he loves and is proud of his many amazing achievements.

With his mash ups of modern tech and oldschool beauty, there’s no wonder why more and more hotels are lining up for his design and architectural input. He has designed many Luxury hotels and countless homes. Most recently, he has designed the Shelborne Hotel in South Beach. Though he is still a busy man, designing the Hotel Tcherassi in Cartegena Columbia and the Marriot AC on South Beach.

Any of these things would be an impressive notch on his belt, but that’s not the end of his impressive feats. He is currently working on a new hotel brand, of which he is a founder, that is soon to be announced. His hard work and love of his field is obvious through the beauty of his creations. He cares about what he does, and has the insight to keep it up.

It’s no wonder why everyone is hanging on his every word, waiting for his next project to come to light. An artful mind is a powerful tool to have in today’s modern thought process of getting things done as quick as possible. We’ve lost sight of the beauty of creation. Thankfully there are still men like Richard Mishaan in the world to remind us of how taking pride in your work pays off in the best of ways.