It is a very common issue for people to go clothes shopping and see that item that they like so much. In some cases, they may even have dreams about actually wearing the item and knowing how it feels on them. The idea makes them even feel a little more confident. However, there is a point when reality sets in like a ton of bricks. This is when the customer looks at the price. The truth is that a lot of the unique and high quality items that customers admire are priced out of their reach. This often sends them resigning to their current wardrobe with their only hope being that they will get newer versions of the same clothes they have.


Kate Hudson knows that problem. While she is someone who is very successful in her career to the point that she can afford some of the more elegant clothing, she understands how people may feel when they see something they like but can’t afford. Kate Hudson has found herself to be very passionate about fashion, especially in the active wear section. She has talked about how there is very little in the active wear section when it comes to unique quality. She has also talked about yoga pants that cost hundreds of dollars.


Kate has used this as inspiration to build a company that eventually became very successful because it not only offered stylish active wear but also paid attention to the customer. This brand is known as Fabletics. One of the main aspects of this brand that sets it apart from the other active wear brands is that it offers clothing that can be worn for athletic activities as well as casual and formal activities. This brings a greater sense of confidence to women who wear these clothes.


Kate Hudson wanted to make fashion more accessible not only to women with limited budgets but also women who are outside of the norm in size and body shapes. When the team gathers together to think about the designs, they give a lot of thought to the different body types women have. They then design clothing that can make the mos t of specific body types. This gives women the opportunity to wear clothes that make them feel really confident no matter how large they are or how unique their body types are. Fabletics is one of the easiest ways for women to build their own sense of self worth.

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