Amazon does not have to worry about the thousands of competitors that are in the fashion e-commerce market because they are fighting for scraps at the bottom of that niche. Amazon is sitting comfortably at the top and has been raking in a little under 20 percent of all the sales in the apparel market as a result. While all the others in this space are struggling to keep their heads above water, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has emerged from that pack and is taking it to Amazon. In a little over three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already sold $250 million in women’s active-wear.


The secret to the overwhelming success of this athleisure brand is not in the high-quality of the merchandise or the fact a celebrity is attached to the name, the foundation may surprise many. Hudson will tell you that she is seeing a huge spike in sales recently in part to reverse showrooming and the membership perks awarded to her loyal customers. To see how these two impact the sales at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, we need to head to the mall and to look inside at the Fabletics retail shops. Here you find packed stores with women trying on all the workout apparel, browsing for new arrivals, and even taking the lifestyle quiz.


Whenever a customer in the retail store tries anything on, they are going to find that it gets instantly uploaded to their Fabletics member account. When these shoppers have more time, they log into their account and the cart is already loaded with whatever they were wearing, making the online buying process a breeze. Eliminate the worry of the clothing fitting, and you get women who are buying yoga pants and tank tops on impulse at this point. This is how you start to dominate the fashion e-commerce market when you have a retail giant sitting at the top for years.


In order to make a serious run at Amazon, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics rewards loyal customers at every chance they can. From free shipping, discounted workout apparel prices, to your own shopping assistant, the name of the game here is giving the customers more in value than they could ever spend in cash. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics not only is positioning for a run at Amazon, they are beginning to see them in their sights and close that gap faster than anyone could have anticipated.