Kuwaiti European Holding Company under Dr. Abdullah Al-Humaidi Leadership
Kuwaiti European Holding Company, was originated in 2008 by Dr. Abdullah Al-Humaidi who has served as its CEO since its inception. The company is dedicated to identifying and obtaining projects that have significant returns to favor the company as well as its shareholders. Kuwaiti European Holding is also committed to improving the value of existing assets while benefiting the communities they are located. Dr. Abdullah Al-Humaidi is a natural leader and has served in numerous Kuwait and Saudi Arabia companies in various executive positions including Vice-chairman, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer.    Dr. Abdullah Al-Humaidi is responsible for laying out an investment master plan for two listed companies on the Kuwait Stock Exchange. His main tasks comprises making investment decisions across all sectors like the leisure, medical, and hotel industry in several countries, including Kuwait, the United Kingdom and Egypt. The successful investor Abdulla Al Humaidi studied Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin for seven years before establishing Kuwaiti European Holding Company.   The Kuwait European Holding Company has various investments, including the Al- Fouz investment, a Kuwait-based company that provides asset management and financial advice and consultancy regarding real estate matters. Armila Capital Limited, on the other hand, is a London-based company that identifies and examines property investment opportunities. Medicorp Holding Company is also another investment owned by Dr. Abdullah Al-Humaidi dedicated to establishing modern ways of medical treatment, supplying standard medical products and services to Kuwait, Europe, and the Gulf. London Resort Company Holdings is a Peninsula-based entertainment that is still under development.