It is one thing for people to spend their time investing in small things that work for them, but they are going to be thrown off completely when they listen to someone like Kyle Bass. There are a lot of people who hear news stories that they think are going to help them learn how to invest, but then they are going to start to lose confidence when they listen to Kyle Bass.

Kyle Bass is on the verge of being a failed hedge fund manager even though he once made a fortune betting against subprime loans. He now just talks on TV about investments that he can afford to make because he is rich, but he does not actually have any idea what he is talking about. He recently told people that they could bet against Chinese currency without realizing that the government of China can regulate trading to the point where no one can make a run on their currency.

He had also told people to try to take a patent away from a drug company so they could make the drugs themselves. No one who is an average investor in America is going to be able to do that, and it is empty advice because drug companies have armies of lawyers who will be able to keep those cases in court forever.

He just says what he thinks is going to get him ratings, and then he will keep saying it even if he knows that it is not true. There are a lot of analysts who do not believe in him, and there are even more people who are going to lose their shirts because of his reckless talk.  Read more on the truth of Kyle Bass here: