Looking Into the Recent Deal Between Fortress Investment Group and Colony Capital
Fortress Investment Group has recently made the announcement of its very high-yielding agreement with Colony Capital. The deal is currently being finalized and is to be in motion before the year comes to an end. The partnership involves having Fortress Investment Group acquiring and managing Colony Capital’s OED portfolio. The Other Equity and Debt portfolio that falls under several restrictions such as diverse asset classes, investment types, and geographical dispositions will present an excellent opportunity for the equity firm to exhibit its excellent expertise and skills. It will also present an opportunity for the partner Colony Capital to have much more time and resources to channel towards achieving its company’s objective and mission. That is to build among one of the world’s augmented digital REIT. Furthermore, the deal seeks to offer the company a valuable piece of business. Besides being in charge of Colony Capital’s OED portfolio, it is also set to manage its CDCF series of funds and its capital position in the non-digital real estate sector. The Fortress Investment Group will also increase the value of their assets as their new partners come in with assets close to over 2.7 Billion dollars. Why the Fortress Investment Group The Fortress Investment Group is a pronounced partner with a wealth of experience under its belt of dealing with very complex investments for their clients, ranging from institutions to private investors. Furthermore, the New York-based firm also has several achievements to show for its outstanding work. For example, it set the path for the other private equity firms by being among the first to be launched into the New York Stock Exchange. The firm was also a trendsetter in that it was among the first private equity firms to be traded publicly in the New York Stock Exchange Markets.