Michael Capiraso Continues To Be a Visionary Business Leader
Businesses often look for new ways to engage potential customers to grow their clientele. As businesses look for inspirations they sometimes turn to the best in the business and study their strategies and techniques in hopes to find the next best way of doing business marketing. It is likely that upon a quick google search for successful business people, you would find Michael Capiraso. Michael Capiraso is the former CEO and President, of the highly diversified and accomplished organization, New York Road Racers. Capiraso is widely known for his entrepreneurship, his ability to unify communities through his missions, and his extraordinary passion for the “running community” that has changed marketing. Follow him on Instagram Although Capiraso has a strong passion for runners, his innovative business strategies can be integrated into most marketing tactics. Through Capiraso’s leadership, New York Road Racers grew to a new, diverse level. Capiraso’s team of people consisted of those who were qualified and shared the same ideologies as his vision. The team was built around the mission, rather than race, gender, social status, or age. By reaching outside of the boundaries that separate communities, Capiraso brought people together under one common theme, their passion for running. Under Capiraso’s guidance, the company’s revenue reached more than $100,000,000 as participants doubled to 700,000. Capiraso also secured the future of the organization by growing future investors, the youth. The organization’s Team for Kids and Rising NYRR’s averages more than 250,000 youth nationally, and their “One for You, One for You,” partnership with New Balance has gifted more than 15,000 running shoes to children across the U.S. Capiraso’s business strategies have helped encourage the growth of the most diverse and largest marathons in America as it continues to engage in partnerships, revenue, and community involvement. Capiraso’s strategy of teambuilding based on common goals and investing in the future of the company shows us, it’s more than a business, it’s a passion. More information: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/michael-capiraso-1ea2