Roland Dickey Jr. Natures His Company from Scratch with Productivity
While the most educated and talented people are considered successful people, that is not always the case. Successful people can be smart, talented, and educated but what defines successful people is their productivity. They value their time and use it well. For them, productivity is planning, prioritizing, and protecting time. It is not about keeping busy and being a workhorse. While being productive is valued by all successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, there is much to gain from unique conducts and individuals who have gained remarkable success in the business world. This post focuses on Roland Dickey Jr, the Chief Executive Officer of Dickey's Capital Group. Dickey has worked in a firm based in Dallas for over a decade. During this time, he focused on innovating technology and the strategic growth of the company. When Dickey took the wheel, the company was a small barbecue franchise. Thanks to his strategic plans, productive techniques, and skills that have helped the business establish over 400 locations in five years. Three of these locations are international, making Dickey's Capital Group the world's largest barbecue franchise. Background Dickey's Capital Group was founded in 1941 by Dickey's grandfather Travis Dickey. It continues to serve barbecue in Dallas for over eighty years. When the country was regaining its peace after World War 1, Veterans wanted to build a feeling of easiness and hominess in the eatery. Travis and his wife Ollie ran the business for over twenty years while raising their sons, who later took over the business in 1967 after his demise. When the two sons took over the business, they worked jointly to expand the business and leave their mark in the eatery. Roland Dickey Jr. grew up in the business, and after gaining his degree, he worked in other companies before joining his father and uncle in the restaurant. In 2006, Roland was made the Chief Executive Officer of the business when global finances faced a Great Recession. Roland is also an award-winning executive and has grown Dickey's Restaurants Inc. into the largest barbecue franchise in the United States. Dickey attained his undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University in 1996.