The Giving Heart Of Pamela Baer
Pamela Baer is a well-known philanthropist and community leader based on the West Coast. She is also an established business woman and is wedded to Larry Baer, Giants CEO. Known as an active advocate in the San Francisco area, Pam devotes much of her time to serving underprivileged populations and healthcare. The SFGH Foundation granted her Lifetime Director. In addition to this, Pam Baer is also on the Advisory Board for Jewish Women’s Giving Circle, NEST, and Foundation Family House. Her own company, For Goodness Sake, donates a percentage of all purchases to local charities. She is the SFGHF Lifetime Director, who recently put out a press release in support of the Zuckerberg San Francisco Trauma Center. It is a main goal of hers to assist the local community’s most vulnerable people. Acknowledging that the recent pandemic has shed light on numerous long-running issues, support is needed now more than ever she states. The Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital has helped many bay area residents over the years; especially populations dealing with poverty and insurance discrepancies. These populations include immigrants and minorities as well. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the foundation’s focus to health and wellness correlations tied to economic situations. According to Pam Baer, mental health issues are most common among the most vulnerable people. When adding a pandemic to an already fragile situation, it causes a double pandemic for certain people. Three years ago, Pam assisted with the establishment of Transform Mental and Behavioral Health Fund. This program specializes in mental health curriculums for pilots; and has raised more than $4 million since the fund started. Pam Baer has been a part of SFGH Foundation for 18 years, becoming a Lifetime Director after vacating her 16-year board member position. Before moving to San Francisco, Pam Baer attended the University of Texas and worked on the East Coast as a Financial Servicer for brand marketing. Go to this page on Twitter, for more information.   Additional information can be found on