The Role Of IM Academy To The Forex Trading  Industry
Due to changing dynamics in technology, there is a mass migration to online investments. As a result, the industry is flooded with numerous investors lacking technical knowledge regarding it, contributing to significant losses. Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre formed an academy to equip Forex investors with basic skills. They established it to offer students learning modules popular as IM Academy. Students acquire interactive and accessible training, which they apply in their trading. IM Academy delivers its services through a remote working model that allows them to offer learning lessons without geographical limitations and hire talent from different regions. The learning modules are known as academies which are classified into four categories. These academies are FRX, HFX, DCX, and ECX, and they are delivered in modules. There is a discounted academy called elite which combines FRX, HFX, and DCX. IM educators offer each academy through interactive online sessions called GoLive. The online sessions are delivered in 13 different languages on several days to suit students in various time zones. During the one-hour sessions, students are free to ask questions related to the module. They have access to pre-recorded content on each module they download from the IM app and use even when their subscription expires. At the end of each module, there are exams to ensure they understand each concept before proceeding to the next module. Each academy focuses on a different subject; thus, several subscriptions ensure students get adequate information to apply in their trading. Those who aspire to invest in Forex trading can subscribe to an ECX academy that focuses mainly on e-commerce and learn the basics that involve online trading and its structure. IM Academy ensures its students understand the Forex patterns and can use the acquired information to change their livelihood. Over the years, the academy has transformed lives through Forex trading education. See this page for more information.   Find more information on